The future of personal health

Design your optimal health protocols based on genetic testing across 1,000 biomarkers including physical functionality, diet and nutrition response, aging rate, and hormone and metabolism functions.

The fulfilled self

The perfect harmony of mental, physical, and spiritual health—created through the intricate tuning of the mind and body.

Longevity, anti-aging, holistic health… none of it is new. But so many existing approaches have become flawed.

Restoring functional balance to our bodies, improving the vitality of our skin, and optimizing our health for the long-term aren’t overnight efforts. It's a deliberate, methodical journey that begins with a deep understanding of your needs.

At Celia, we develop optimal protocols, integrations, and programs that address the root cause of symptoms, supported by our Medical Director and deep panel of therapeutic experts. With continual evolution, refinement, and integration of innovative treatments, we become your dedicated partner on the path to self-fulfillment.

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How Celia Programs Deliver Better Wellness

  • Onboarding & Detox

    As a new member, you'll participate in an initial intake call with our Wellness Director, to identify your goals, pinpoint obstacles, and understand your path into your longevity and anti-aging program with Celia. From this call, we'll design a tailored detox and integration protocol focused on longevity and anti-aging health including supplements, nutrition, meditation, breath work, and personalized prompts.

  • Fine-Tuning the Integration

    After month one, you will be directed into the biotuning program if you are ready. This will entail an intake call with our MD, a follow up program with recommended longevity and anti-aging products ranging from 1-3 months, monthly check-ins and intake analysis, and continued stacking products and programs. Exclusive access to Celia Biotuning products will only be accessible with MD intake. All products are specifically focused on longevity and anti-aging, including vetted hormones, peptides, and molecule therapies, ensures targeted and holistic symptom management while addressing unique health concerns to prevent any predisposed disease or present issues.

  • Finding your Fulfilled Self

    Our goal is that you start to feel mentally and physically stronger within 3 months, ailments, pain and past trauma start to heal and you are functioning better in life all around. You will have continued access to new optimization products, protocols, brands we suggest and so much more to stay on your path to your fulfilled self. We are the access and entry point for a new healthy way of life.

The Founding collection

Kanna by Celia

Fueled by the medicinal qualities of the South African Kanna herb, each product in our nootropic collection targets specific functional benefits. With five proprietary formulas containing calculated doses of the Kanna Herb complemented by powerful organic ingredients, the Celia Kanna Collection is a transformative daily habit to embark on the path to self-fulfillment.

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But what about...

  • Is biotuning safe if I’m currently taking prescription medication?

    The safety of our members is our highest priority. While our biotuning products are entirely vetted and safe to take alongside other types of medications, our Medical Director will consider any current prescription when designing your protocols to ensure our formulas are delivering the highest level of rapid results possible.

  • Are products included with my annual membership?

    Products are purchased separately from your membership. However, our Celia members receive exclusive pricing on all our products, including our proprietary Kanna Collection.

  • Do I have to be a member to purchase Celia products?

    While our Biotuning, longevity, and anti-aging formulas are exclusively for members, our Kanna collection is available for anyone to purchase in the Celia shop.

  • Can I become a member just to access products and not receive any consultation?

    Due to the efficacy and targeted nature of our Biotuning formulas, working with our Medical Director and licensed medical professionals is required. If you have concerns about privacy or out standards of medical care, please feel free to review our Disclaimer of Liability, or reach out to us with any specific questions.


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"Working with Celia has truly changed my life. A newbie to this way of healing, I began my protocol about a year ago when I was dealing with often-times crippling anxiety, for which my doctor prescribed me Xanax. Today, instead of taking a bandaid pharmaceutical used to quell cortisol spikes, I now rely solely on my Celia protocol, which has helped me cultivate a more open-hearted and empathetic view of the world, in turn getting to the root cause and abolishing anxiety before it even starts. Thanks to the guidance and expertise, I have since thrown that prescription away entirely and I could not be more grateful. The WORLD would be a much happier place if everyone were able to experience the magic of Celia!"