Celia Membership

Celia delivers concierge services to our members for a tailored experience designed in alignment with individual health goals, and refined to accommodate unique pain points and needs.

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    Sign up for a Celia Membership and create your online account. Immediately after signing up, you’ll be prompted to fill out your intake form and schedule your initial consultation with our Wellness Director.

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    Our wellness director will walk through your intake form and ask targeted questions to identify your goals and determine any unique health needs. We’ll then design your initial detox & onboarding program, including recommending the ideal product protocols to begin your journey.

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    Following your initial onboarding program, you’ll have a scheduled checkin in with our wellness director, medical director, or PA as needed to discuss your initial results and progress, and begin fine-tuning your program as needed.

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    As your program progresses, we’ll continue recommending optimal product protocols, as well as set up additional support with our therapeutic partners as needed across nutrition, meditation, physical health and exercise, and more.

Membership overview

  • A comprehensive onboarding process to understand your existing health profile and identify any unique considerations or concerns
  • Initial intake call with our in-house MD, Dr. Alexander Joseph
  • A fully customized program that includes product protocols and integration guidance
  • Access to our full catalog of innovative Rx formulas
  • Complementary consultation for health support services including nutrition, mindfulness practice, physical health, and supplement care
  • Follow-up calls with MD or PA for continuous refinement
  • VIP early access to innovative longevity and anti-aging product releases
  • Free access to Celia events worldwide
  • Exclusive discounts and gifts with purchase from our brand partners
  • 10% off our proprietary supplement Kanna formulas



Access to advanced technology & treatments

Leveraging progressive technology like epigenetic testing, we pinpoint active blocks to your personal health, and gain insight into risks for predisposed diseases so we can take proactive prevention steps.

Innovative products that prioritize longevity

Enhance the effects of your tailored therapeutic health program with access to a prestigious list of progressive formulas including vetted hormones, peptides, and molecule therapies. All geared towards elevating long term health and improving the vitality of your skin, body, and mental health.

personal health is a science

Start crafting the formula for yours, today.

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Extended Offerings


Work with our network of certified dietitians and nutrition experts to design nutrition strategies that align with your daily lifestyle, history with nutrition, wellness goals, and any dietary restrictions.

Exercise & Physical Health

Access our network of athletic trainers. nutritionists, and more to support the physical health component of your wellness journey.

Energy Healing

Clearing blocks and opening our energetic flows is one of the most core elements of progressive wellness. Work with our team of wellness hedonists and therapeutic specialists to pinpoint blocks and reset your mind + body connection.

Massage & Therapy Treatments

Caring for our vessels is essential. Massage and body therapy treatments are some of the most tried-and-tested ways to care for your physical wellness. Get matched with the right massage and body therapists from within our deep network of practitioners.