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Strength: light to mild

An evolution of our 175mg LOVE Mushroom blend, the new .125mg LOVE provides the same benefits of increased libido and improved blood flow for heightened sensitivity and pleasure during sex—but with a lighter strain for when a lower dose is called for.


  • Improved blood flow for heightened sensitivity
  • Enhanced libido
  • Intense feelings of euphoria and pleasure
  • Stronger mind/body connection

How it Works

The adaptogen blend found in Love impacts the receptors in the brain to reduce negative reactions that may be associated with pleasure and instead elevate feelings of pleasure and euphoria. The connection between mind and body is strengthened, leading to in-the-moment experiences. Combined with the Kanna herb to support increased serotonin levels, and Vitamin B3 and D3 for increased blood flow, sensitivity during sex skyrocket.

All of our proprietary formulas have been extensively tested for safety, potency, and efficiency. All formulas are proprietary to CELIA and are not permitted for resale, repackage, or reuse. 


Pre-integration: Take one capsule every other day for two weeks

Full integration: Take one capsule everyday for three days. Take one off day, then resume three consecutive day. (3 on, 1 off)

 All Celia ingredients are organic and/or Fair Trade Certified.