Transform your journey with biotuning

Biotuning your body means increasing energy, volatility, focus, and wellbeing by changing its chemistry. The process has endless variations, from changing your diet and exercise routines to some of the world's most substantial innovations like implant technology and genetic engineering. The possibilities are endless, but they all center around the same philosophy: that we can drastically improve our lives and bodies through changing the way they work.

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biotuning program

Designed in collaboration with Dr, Alexander Joseph, our resident physician and master of regenerative health, our personalized biotuning program targets:

  • Brain function
  • Higher immunity
  • Elevated gut and heart health
  • Nervous system functioning at peak performance

With tailored product kits that integrate into your daily life and personalized protocols, biotuning unlocks a new world of wellness by balancing your body's chemistry.

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Nutrition Support

Schedule a consult with a Celia expert to discuss your nutrition needs. We'll dive into your daily lifestyle, history with nutrition, wellness goals, and more to design the perfect plan to optimize your nutritional health.

Exercise & Physical Health

Access our network of athletic trainers. nutritionists, and more to support the physical health component of your wellness journey. Schedule a consult with a Celia expert to share your goals and get the right kind of support and guidance from day one.

Energy Healing

Clearing blocks and opening our energetic flows is one of the most core elements of progressive wellness. Schedule a consult with a Celia expert to discuss your pinpoints and get started on reseting your mind + body connection.


Caring for our sacred vessels is essential, and massage is one of the most tried-and-tested ways to care for your physical wellness. Schedule a consult with a Celia specialist to get matched with the right massage therapist for you from within our deep network of practitioners.