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When you join our affiliate rewards program, you'll receive an exclusive link where you can refer others to become Celia community members, purchase our proprietary formulas, and even become rewards members themselves. Every referral earns you Celia points that can be used in the shop in addition to your other exclusive member discounts.

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using your Celia points

Every referral automatically accumulates 100 Celia points in your affiliate account.

  • 1000 Celia points = $10 in Celia dollars
  • Earn points for referring new members
  • Earn points for referring products
  • Gift your community, followers, friends & family 10% off their first Celia order

Combined with our customized programs that leverage nanodosing to elevate health and emotional balance, biotuning further enhances the wellness journey by balancing the body's chemistry.

earn your own loyalty points

On top of the points you earn from referrals, you'll accumulate additional Celia points every time you purchase from the shop - even on orders where you used Celia points. Every $1 you spend accumulates 5 Celia points in your account.

how to begin

create an account

Create your Celia account to start earning points immediately when you shop.

Grab your referral link

Copy your personal referral link from your Celia account to share with anyone you know will benefit from a progressive path to wellness.

Track your points in your dashboard

Watch your points accumulate right from your Celia dashboard, and see the different ways to redeem.

Shop with your points. Repeat.

Shop with your Celia points at any time, or save them up to cover entire monthly replenishments.