Meeting you where you are

Using the highest quality ingredients intentionally combined to focus on the brain, heart, gut, immune system and longevity health, our formulas feature a variety of potency levels and active ingredients to meet you exactly where you are on your wellness journey. Combined with custom protocols and integrations, the Celia program is designed to be your ultimate guide to total, holistic wellness.


Our nootropic Kanna blends serve as a psychedelic substitute that still supports the body in reaching a targeted state. Using calculated doses of the South African Kanna herb, each proprietary blend is created sustainably and ethically.

Kanna x blue lotus

The newest innovation in our Kanna collection to calm your nervous system, open your heart, support your immune system, improve gut health and give fresh life to skin with an intentional formula powered by Kanna, Blue Lotus, Macuna, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin C.